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Some choice pars from Janet Albrechtsen’s column in today’s Australian

“…Under Di Natale, the Greens have continued their long and steady march through our institutions, pushing a so-called Safe Schools program into our classrooms. This is deep Green social engineering. The original program counselled teachers that it is “heterosexist” to refer to students as girls and boys and expected young children to role-play as LGBTI adults.

Di Natale’s commitment to sexual role-playing and heterosexist accusations in the classroom adds another stratum to the existing layers of Green propaganda already cemented into our schools. Green-fuelled global warming hysteria hoodwinks students not just in science classes but English and maths too. (And we wonder why literacy and numeracy levels continue to slide.)

Under Di Natale, the Greens are also advancing on our most basic freedoms in this election. With a commitment to removing the religious exemptions in section 37 of the Sex Discrimination Act, they are intent on destroying the fundamental value of freedom of religion that has underpinned our free and liberal democracy. These longstanding legal exemptions provide for freedom of religion and the rights of religious groups to employ people who subscribe to their beliefs and live by those values.

Nothing has changed under Di Natale. There is no feminist horror directed at real feminist issues, such as the enslavement of young girls by Islamic State. And if you don’t agree with same-sex marriage, the Greens will label you a bigot and a homophobe. If you want to discuss how Islam is used by Islamic terrorists, you will be derided as an Islamophobe.

Ignoring hundreds of years of history, the Greens, under their leader, are intent on destroying our most fundamental rights in the name of identity politics and faddish rights based on hurt feelings…”