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Looking back on my own editorial from exactly a month before the election on Turnbull’s own goal over Pauline Hanson and as I predicted there, he has as good as lost the election and Pauline Hanson has been elected and maybe even 3 of her party will sit on the cross benches.
To add to his humiliation he’s now going to have to chow down on a very large, steaming hot excrement sandwich…


June 3, 2016
“…Malcolm Turnbull just lost the election I suspect. I further suspect that his comments just confirmed Pauline Hanson’s election to the senate on July 2.

It was this kind of put down and commentary that got Pauline Hanson elected in 1996 and Australians hate it. At least Hanson never stabbed anyone in the back and climbed over still twitching warm bodies to grab power.
Up until now, Turnbull has been quite open about getting rid of the Monarchy but now it seems, he’s being quite open about getting rid of democracy as well. Who is this guy and just whose side is he on??

It’s the people in their wisdom and judgement who will decide whether Pauline Hanson has a place in Canberra, not elite poseurs like Malcom Turnbull and his silver tail cronies. The democratic process doesn’t operate like some kind of Michael “Odious” Photios loaded and factional, Liberal or Labor Party preselection.
For people in Mackellar it’s worth remembering that Jason Falinski was an advisor to Turnbull and the anointed and preferred candidate of the Prime Minister at preselection and an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Just how dumb and stupid is this bloke? Talk about confirm peoples preconceived notions and give them another reason not to vote for you.
He simply confirms yet again, that he is a big end of town elitist snob and Hanson is just ordinary Australians being picked on by the elites. She is what Menzies would have had in mind as the “forgotten people”.
He can’t do something as simple as read the room or read the mood of the nation and has no idea what’s going on out there in Struggle Street, middle Australia, beyond the Canberra beltway or the tree lined boulevards of Wentworth.
You got it wrong again, you dumb bastard. YOU are the one not welcome in Australian politics.
Why wouldn’t he say something like “..its a democratic country and everyone has the right to stand, broad church, blah, blah?”
Instead the village idiot from Point Piper, with no sense of ocassion, place, timing or decorum, farts in the phone box of Australia’s election campaign and lobs a grenade into struggle street and middle Australia.
It’s the stuff of Les Patterson.
It’ll be interesting to see how his media people and other Libs spin this. Good luck with that.
Can anyone imagine Howard or Abbott saying something like this?
This bloke needs a Credlin in his office to kick his arse….”