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Of course the outrage and indignation of these angry, bitter and intimidating trolls with their thinly veiled fatwah You Don’t Speak For Us video is betrayed by the fact that Hirsi Ali actually lives with a 24/7 security detail and of course her film producer associate on the movie Submission, was shot stabbed to death in broad daylight by a follower of the religion of peace.
Hirsi Ali has actually lived the experience
From today’s Cut&Paste in The Australian
A very sad day for free speech Down Under, The Australianonline, yesterday:
Internationally renowned author and anti-Islam campaigner Ayaan Hirsi Ali has cancelled her upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand, citing security concerns as one of the reasons for the decision.
At least Hirsi Ali has been spared from going on ABC’s Q&A. The show’s Twitter account, yesterday:
“..Ayaan Hirsi Ali cancelled her tour to Australia at the last minute and will not be appearing on tonight’s #qanda..”
Former intelligence analyst Paul Monk warned her tour was under threat in The Australian, March 13:
“..Venues where she is scheduled to speak have been contacted, warned there will be protests and urged to cancel her engagements..”
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Hirsi Ali has been a target for Muslim activists such as Susan Carland (wife of Waleed Aly). Carland in The Saturday Paper, February 25:
“..This is why so many across the political spectrum fall over themselves to embrace Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a woman who has called Islam “a destructive, nihilistic cult of death” and “the new fascism” … Ayaan is an avowed apostate. By her own declaration, she is not a Muslim. And yet she is probably the most popular “Muslim” to many in Australia..”
And why would Hirsi Ali not like Islam? The Independent, November 27, 2007:
“..When she was five years old, she was made “pure” by having her genitals hacked out with a knife … her absent father reappeared and announced that he had found her a good husband..”
This anti-Hirsi Ali rant from Brisbane imam Mohamad Abdalla was published on the ABC Religion and Ethics website, December 12, 2011:
“..If there is one thing that I have learnt from the writings of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, it is that profound anxiety and ig­norance about Islam and Muslims run deep in her heart and mind..”
The same Abdalla founded the Griffith Islamic Research Unit, which came under scrutiny for its links with Saudi Arabia. PM, ABC Radio National, April 29, 2008:
“..Griffith University was pleased when its Islamic Research Unit secured $100,000 from the Saudi Arabian government. But it was forced to defend the decision to seek and accept the money after a Queensland judge alleged that the Saudis were using the University to propagate (Wah­habism), a hardline form of Islam..”
Dutch director Theo van Gogh was murdered by an Islamist for making a film with Hirsi Ali in 2004. The New York Times, October 30, 2014:
“..After Submission ran in prime time in August 2004, Mr van Gogh refused the police protection that Ms Hirsi Ali had been given following outcry over the film. “No one kills the village idiot,” he said then..”
But she’s the real problem say some Australian Muslim women. Petition on, February 28:
“..Hirsi Ali’s sheer presence in Australia undermines … community efforts toward social cohesion and in providing platforms for Muslim women to champion their own causes..”
They don’t attack misogynist Islamist regimes as much as they attack Ayaan … Hirsi Ali speaking to The New York Times, April 7 last year:
“… millions and millions of women are subjected to this: the floggings, the stoning, the lynching, women covered from head to toe and banished from the public space. That’s intolerable. And that’s what they should ­really be mad about…”