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“…Nobel Prize winner and former Chief Economist of the World Bank Joseph E. Stiglitz says the 28 membership state is floundering, creating the kind of polarised politics that has not been seen since the second world war.

In a shocking analysis of the current climate Professor Stiglitz insists the European Union is broken to the point of no return.
He says growing contempt for the single currency is threatening to cause a massive split.
Professor Stiglitz said: “The euro has failed to achieve either of its two principal goals of prosperity and political integration: these goals are now more distant than they were before the creation of the eurozone.

“Instead of peace and harmony, European countries now view each other with distrust and anger.

“Old stereotypes are being revived as northern Europe decries the south as lazy and unreliable, and memories of Germany’s behaviour in the world wars are invoked…” EURO HAS FAILED: Mistrust and money wars sparks claims Juncker’s EU is finished