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How absolutely nasty, vicious, savage and vile is this lot. Radiating rage and hostility, absolutely dripping with venom and spitting the very toxic sludge, the very hatred, of which the accuse Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Of course their indignation and outrage is betrayed by the very fact that it is Hirsi Ali who travels with a 24/7 security detail and it was Hirsi Ali’s film producer associate Theo Van Gogh that was stabbed to death in broad daylight in Amsterdam by a follower of the religion of peace.

 Judging by their rounded, uppity vowels I’d suggest none of them have actually lived under Sharia law or Muslim rule. If they’re refugees or their parents are, why did they come?
The fact that they’re all wearing the head scarves speaks volumes about their lack of personal awareness and insight and their Stockholm Syndrome like  suppression. Watch here