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One of the questions that arose from time to time at various forums during the campaign concerned the whys and wherefores of the rolling of first term Prime Ministers. Some have rather complex reasons but my own view is more pedestrian and prosaic. Very simply it’s the constant rolling polling and media reaction combined with the insatiable appetite of the 24/7 news cycle for red meat.

Seems that Peta Credlin agrees. Voters show contempt for both major parties

“…Public disillusionment with mainstream politics has rarely been higher. Turnbull was seen as a left-winger pretending to be a right-winger; Shorten a right-winger pretending to be a left-winger. Yet a public that claims to want leaders who are fair dinkum had earlier ­rejected Tony Abbott who obviously was.

Perhaps our real problem has been a poll-obsessed media that fostered powerplays ahead of good government. Or, worse still, have political insider decisions to roll elected prime ministers led voters to say “enough is enough — if you won’t trust us, we won’t trust you”? Turnbull can somehow win over the independents without losing his own party, the risk is that it would be a government that’s in office but not in power…”