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Something doesn’t seem right.

There is another Independent running in Mackellar as a “Conservative Independent”.  Funny that. The other funny thing is that even before the rolls and the call for nominations has opened (Monday) and closed, (Monday week) and before we even know who else is on the ballot paper, he has drafted his preference. Himself at number 1 of course and the Liberal Party 2 Labor/Greens 3 and/or Greens/Labor at 4.

I would have thought that a genuine Conservative Independent would be true his belief in independents and give his preference to another Conservative Independent and away from the majors.

Another Independent Conservative like me for example.

Sounds reasonable I would have thought but I don’t even rate a mention in his preference preferences.

Again, funny that.

Seems legit do you think?  Well in fact, No it doesn’t.

Most people who know how these things work think not and use very colourful and fruity language to describe what’s going on here but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Be warned though, voters of Mackellar. There’s only ONE genuine Conservative Independent running in this election, and that’s me. All others are pale imitations of the real thing.