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We have six state, two territory and a federal government, all of which have health and education departments. And we are told we need to spend more money on health and education.

Don Spence, Ashmore, Qld

If Chinese and South Korean students are so far ahead of our own for less than half the cost, it must mean the standard of teaching and discipline in the classroom should be addressed because throwing money at it will not solve the problem.

J. D. Harding, Eastwood, NSW

Could the undisciplined behaviour and attitude of students be the reason for the failure of our education system, not the amount of money allocated per student?

Kay Passenger, Noosaville, Qld

The Labor Party and the Greens have one huge advantage going into this election; they have the largest advertising firm in Australia working for them for free — the ABC.

Antony Blakeley, Winchelsea, Vic