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What thinking Australian are thinking.. Thursday May 12.


Assistant Treasurer Kelly O’Dwyer’s insistence that the non-concessional cap on superannuation is not retrospective legislation reminds me of Campbell Newman telling tens of thousands of public employees he had sacked that there had been no forced redundancies.

G. Pollard, Ferny Grove, Qld

If the Kelly O’Dwyer’s “facts” on the retrospective changes to superannuation are not the facts, as can be understood by any intelligent person, how can we trust either the Treasurer or the Assistant Treasurer to run the finances of the country?

Gavin Hogan, Elanora Heights, NSW

The Coalition government’s latest superannuation changes might be best managed by those affected by the Panama Papers.

Paul Keefe, Yass, NSW

Trust has lost its meaning. It has become a worn out, old rag of a word. It’s like a dead tree. Could someone please tell the politicians, starting with the PM. They have killed it.

Margaret Burgess, Mosman, NSW

In order to justify its policy on negative gearing, the Labor Party continually uses the example of people owning 10 houses. How many investors negatively gear 10 investment properties?

Ian Mackay, Shenton Park, WA

Instead of arresting those suspected terrorists before they left the country, wouldn’t it be more sensible to let them leave, then revoke their citizenship? It would be much cheaper in the long term.

Brian Doherty, Beenleigh, Qld