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As bad as Turnbull’s Labor Lite Liberals are, to think that full strength Labor is even in in the hunt with this kind of twisted candidate is truly terrifying. Are these people just misty eyed and misguided. Well meaning, naive and gullible or are they just plain ditzy stupid and dangerous? You decide.

And does anyone buy the line that these people including Jason Falinski in Mackellar actually, all of a sudden recant from the previous position and no longer subscribe to or believe what they used to believe?

From the Andrew Bolt blog.

“…Peta Murphy, contesting the southeast Melbourne seat of Dunkley, was among a group of lawyers who put their names to a submission calling on the government to deny the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation and the police stronger powers to detain ­terror suspects without charge.

The submission also complained about the listing of terrorist organisations, including evil Somalian jihadis al-Shabaab, Palestinian terror group Hamas and militant Left-wing Kurdish fighters the PKK…
Ms Murphy — who had not previously distanced herself from the submission — … told the Herald Sun she now “fully supported’’ tougher national security legislation.