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Where is the Victorian opposition leader, warning that a Liberal government will not honour and in fact terminate the Belt and Road arrangement if elected?

You know, just like Dan Andrews did in his exercise of economic vandalism, moral hazard and sovereign risk with the pre-election promise and then the actual cancellation of the East-West link contract at a cost of a billion dollars to taxpayers in penalty with absolutely nothing to show for it.

That’s what a socialist thug and economic vandalism looks like.

A billion dollars and nothing to show for it. Not a school not a road. Not a bridge or a hospital. Nothing.

Andrews can hardly take the high moral ground and say, “you can’t do that” and the Chinese can’t say they weren’t warned.

Democracies play by three, four and five year terms while China, because they don’t face the people in any democratic sense  plays a non, stop decade’s long, strategic game.

A sheep station here, a coal mine or a Darwin Port there, then on to picking off the states one by one starting with Victoria..


There is absolutely no reason not to assume that given the optimum and desperate economic circumstances, combined with a compliant political mix of Labor politicians, that other states aren’t already in play as part of China’s long term plans on a giant world war two strategy table, being moved around with croupiers rakes and war-gamed from their fluorescent festooned, subterranean and bomb-proof, Belt and Road war room.