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I’m not given to conspiracy theories, never have been, after all the real world is weird enough, but it seems that something is going on with all the usual cronies, quangos, NGO’s and the UN at the centre of it.

Looking at the international forces of the left, combined with the agenda of social media and much of the corporate world, the US election and the unhinged  hysteria over the determination by the left and the likes of The Lincoln Project of Republicans to remove Trump and install Biden all costs, combined with insurmountable global debt, I’m starting to think that there are some very dark and sinister forces at work.

In an age of a million and one cons, conspiracy theories and scams, it is almost impossible to know in this global hall of concave and convex mirrors of twisting and distortion what is real and what is not.

I’ve always regarded the idea of a New World Order as the ultimate conspiracy theory but I’m beginning to think that the COVID catastrophe although real, in itself, is now being milked, manipulated and harnessed to achieve what the climate scam hasn’t been able to. The collapse of the entire world economy in rapid time to build their NWO out of the ashes.

Climate was continuing to lose its edge in the public imagination so the globalists needed something new to use as leverage to “reset” global politics and the global economy in the socialist tradition and what better way than a global pandemic to scare the people and keep them on edge and “clamouring to be led to safety” as HL Mencken put it.

People at each other’s throat over the politics of mask wearing, social distancing, school closures, business closures and collapse, massive unemployment not seen since the depression and governments being saddled with insurmountable debt

The Coronavirus has achieved in six months what the climate scare hasn’t been able to do in 30 years complete with it’s own set of experts, modelling and edicts about how to live your life with threats of fines or incarceration for non compliance.

Like many, I’ve wondered why, given that it has been around and medically approved since 1955, any mention of Hydroxychloroquine has become verboten. Highly qualified people have lost their jobs for so much as speaking out about it publicly or tweeting, retweeting or posting a favourable comment on Facebook about it. Their tweets and posts have been taken down.

Why? Why if there is a panacea, would any government or social media platform interfere or stand in the way? Who are the “experts” guiding social media?

Is the Coronavirus and the associated collapse of the global economy being weaponised by the globalists to try and force the eviction of Donald Trump who stands in their way? Certainly seems that way.

Is the plan to reset the world economies and start from scratch by eliminating all debt and issuing a new global currency?

The tactic would be fairly simple. If a nation state wants a way out of its morass of debt and total debt forgiveness, this is what they have to do. This is what they have to sign up to. Adopt the new global currency and open borders etc.

Once America is on board under a Biden/Harris administration and the US dollar is no longer the global currency, the rest of the world will follow.

I don’t know if any of this is even possible but the entire thing is just so wild that you start looking at it from every possible angle.

The next few months will be telling but given the current trajectory I strongly suspect that with a Biden win on November 3, the Covid pandemic will be over on November 4.

Mission accomplished.

George Soros and the Shadow Party as outlined in the book, The Shadow Party: How George Soros and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party by David Horowitz, is the winner.