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Andrew Bolt asks the question: “What is it about the Left that it turns even a sports organisation into a political front?”
Andrew, the answer to this is no secret and I’m surprised you even ask. It is so easy and quite frankly I’m sick of talking about it.
The AFL, the AMA, The ABC, Anzac Day, The Human Rights Commission, The War Memorial in Canberra, Australia Day, The Australian of the Year award, all manner of charities and community organisations, the entire State and Federal bureaucracies particularly the education bureaucracies, the various church and religious institutions, in fact any and every social or cultural institution that we regard as an integral part of and knit with our society and culture are all on the list of Antonio Gramsci acolytes as part of their “March Through The Institutions”.
The idea is to infest and infect every and all our social and cultural institutions along with our traditions, values and mores with the metastasizing cancer of Marxism.
To white ant and destroy Australia and recreate it in line with the thinking of cultural Marxism (political correctness).
And while Australians have been goofing off and not paying attention and waking up too late, they have successfully implemented their plan. It really is game over.
There will be no getting the toothpaste back in the tube anytime soon, if ever.
The plan has been there for 80 years or so, to take down these institutions one at a time. To deconstruct Australia and reshape it, one brick at a time.
It really is as basic and as simple as that.
But I do wonder, after reading, this how many people will actually Google for example Antonio Gramsci or for that matter The Frankfurt School. In an age of information at our fingertips and a few key strokes away, there is absolutely no excuse for not understanding how and why your Australia continues to be white anted and hollowed out.
“…The AFL runs a competition that includes fans and players with the full range of political and religious views, yet key members of the Left think it should preach global warming, race politics and same-sex marriage.
So many organisations have been captured like this. The Australian Medical Association under boss Brian Fowler also campaigned on global warming and against the Abbott government’s border laws.
World Vision and Red Cross were likewise hijacked by global- warming alarmists..” The Left wing is the AFL’s key position