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You may have heard or perhaps read volumes on the Iran deal, most of it half cocked, signed off by Obama in 2015 and overturned earlier this week by Trump.

When you read this letter in today’s Oz which succinctly gets across more detail than any number of op-eds you begin to see what Trump means when he says it was a bad deal.
The one thing, the MOST important thing that it doesn’t mention is that the Obama deal was only ever good for 10 years after which Iran can continue on with their nuclear business as usual. After getting the trade embargo lifted plus hundreds of millions in cash (literally on pallets) as part of the deal, they can simply pick up where they left off in 2015.
Great deal. For Iran.


‘President Donald Trump saw an appallingly flawed agreement made by Barack Obama.

The agreement promoted by the Europeans and Obama ignored Iran’s ability to develop ballistic missiles.

It also turned a blind eye to Iran’s chronic support of terrorism and its malign behaviour in the Syrian conflict which, thanks to the mad mullahs, is inching towards a regional conflict.

The deal was sold to the public as preventing the Islamic republic from developing deliverable nuclear weapons. It does not. It allows Iran to continue technologies such as uranium enrichment and reprocessing of plutonium.

Even when complying with the deal, Iran is permitted to ramp up its R&D into nuclear sophistication. And the deal never included thorough provisions for inspections.

The deal allowed European companies to trade with the Islamic republic. And for Iran to use those billions of euros from trade to fund its subsidiary in Lebanon, Hezbollah, to such an extent that resulted in success in Lebanon’s elections.

The trashing of Obama’s so-called achievement sends an unambiguous message to Kim Jong-un: the US will not accept deals that place its national security at risk — no matter how many billions of dollars in nefarious trade may go by the wayside. Nobody should be surprised by Trump giving priority to the security of the US and its allies.’

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