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The acclaimed economic theorist, John Maynard Keynes, when confronted over some inconsistency in his thinking once said: “..When the facts change, I change my mind – what do you do, sir?”


This brings me to the subject of Julian Assange.


Twelve months ago or even twelve weeks ago I would have been in the lock him up, throw away the key column.


Not anymore.


If extradited to the US from Britain, Assange is looking down the barrel of serious jail time as a co-conspirator in helping Chelsea Manning crack the code of the Pentagon data system. The details of all of this can be read with a just few keystrokes and is not the point of this note.


The point of this note is to pose the following question.


Given what we now know and what’s been revealed about the absolute seditious and criminal behaviour at all levels of the Washington establishment, is it not now apparent that those that would jail Assange, are in fact the ones that ought to be in the dock for treason and sedition?


Individuals, particularly, but not limited to the Democrat party, the establishment bureaucrats in the intelligence community, the White House and the Department of Justice..


The list of their crimes is long but the short version is as follows.


It starts with a concerted effort by the establishment and initially the Obama administration to derail the Trump 2016 campaign. When that failed, the mission was ramped up to overturn the actual 2016 election result by weaponising the law enforcement instruments of state to unseat a duly elected President, first with Spy Gate during the 2016 campaign by procuring subpoenas to spy on and frame innocent US citizens by lying to the FISA court to obtain those subpoenas. From there  it moved to setting up Trump appointees like Michael Flynn and then onto the Russian collusion hoax at the centre of which was the secret Russian dossier, a total fabrication bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.


So in effect there were deep state operatives with all the authority and muscle of government in the Department of Justice along with a complicit media which bought into the hoax of trying to stage a coup not unlike those you would see in any third world country.


Is that not sedition? Is that not treason?


When that failed and without missing a beat, the attention turned to the also totally fabricated impeachment hoax which not surprisingly but humiliatingly crashed and burned.


No one has or is likely to go to jail for any of this betrayal. Only one person, a mid range DOJ lawyer has been convicted of tampering with an email to characterise Carter Page as an asset of Russia. His sentence is likely to be something in the order of 3 to 6 months.


When the impeachment hoax failed the roadshow and caravan moved to the biggie. The total perversion of the fundamental bedrock of any democracy, the democratic process itself, with the corruption and theft in broad daylight of an entire election. Once again, just as you would see in any third world country and again a corrupt and complicit media playing their Pravda like role.


Add to the above and something even worse than a coup and stealing an entire election and that is the total sell-out by the wealthy political and business elites to the enemy of the West, China.


Of course there’s the Biden Crime Family’s links to China and (Ukraine)  as well as the Chinese interests of other politicians like Republican senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and mega billionaire and failed Democratic Presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg.


Congressman Eric Swalwell, who stands accused of screwing a Chinese spy was front and centre, leading the charge of Trump and Russian collusion.


The FBI, were sitting on the Biden laptop which has great detail on the Biden corruption concerning both Ukraine and China corroborated by the Tony Bobulinski emails, texts and audio files, at the exact same time they were going after Trump with the Ukraine impeachment hoax.


In addition, during 2020, in between the impeachment and the election, Democrat governors and mayors stood back and watched their cities burn as BLM and Antifa went on a rampage of looting and arson and in several instances of murder as they weaponised the coronavirus to introduce widespread mail-in ballots as a method to rort the election.  .


These mayors and governors not only directed the police to stand down in many cases and refused the use of the National Guard but then proceeded to defund the police.


In amongst this sell-out to China by the political elites and the bureaucratic class, add Wall Street, Silicon Valley, the big tech tyrants, Hollywood and the NBA to name just a few.


Whatever Julian Assange’s crimes, these people are the real criminals, but in the US two tiered justice system it’s Julian Assange who stands condemned and accused and looking at a significant amount of time behind bars.


It is very simple therefore to arrive at the conclusion that if none of these people at the political or administrative level go to jail for their evil and sinister betrayal and sedition, then neither should Julian Assange.


Donald Trump should do the right thing on his way out the door and pardon him.