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In Australia the political parties used to line up along particular class lines.




Labor was for the worker and the unions, the Liberals for the businessman and the upper middle class and the Country/National party was for the man on the land.


There was some bleeding at the margins but, broadly that’s pretty much how the electorate lined up.




Labor is the party of the woke Green left and inner urban, progressive educated elite and the Liberals have retained their status as the party of the socially conservative, but have also picked up the suburban, rural and regional battlers who used to vote Labor and as the Dennis Shanahan story points out back in February, increasingly, the miners who once were the backbone of the union movement. Labor just can’t reconcile or square that circle of their inner city progressive constituency with the outer suburban and regional, often socially conservative, constituency. Meanwhile the Nationals have tended more progressive and parties like One Nation and The Shooters and Fishers have moved in and are are mowing their grass.

In America the change is just as stark if not more so..




The Democrats were the party of Labour and the Republicans were the party for Wall Street and the big end of town.



The Democrats represent the Hollywood celebrities and Lear jet Elites, the Silicon Valley tech titans and billionaires and the Wall Street billionaire mogul class.

And the Republicans, Trumps base are the Walmart people and the deplorables