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You often hear about people “speaking their truth”. We hear that expression a lot. That everyone “has their own truth” or that there are many truths.
The truth is that “speaking  truth” is supposed to be some kind of intellectual or academic shorthand for saying “your own version of events”
That’s all it is. It all pivots on your emotion and how you feel. Inconvenient and pesky things like facts don’t matter.
Its all designed to create the impression that a simple thing like truth is more complicated than it actually is.
There may be many opinions or various and varied recollections but there can only ever be one truth. It’s binary. It either is or it isn’t. It’s on or it’s off. It’s true or it’s false.
Everything outside that is just spin, propaganda and lies designed to distort and deceive.
The entire universal, raisin d’être of our court system, in one way or another, is to decipher and get to THE truth of the matter before it on any given occasion based on the evidence. Who is guilty or not guilty. Which party is telling the truth and which is lying, spinning, distorting and exaggerating .
The idea that there are many truths is another arrow in the quiver of postmodernism, designed to break down, twist and distort reality and confuse so as to create and sow seeds of doubt as to what’s right and wrong and try and establish an alternative reality or alternative “truth”
All of a sudden values are shifted and anything goes.
Everyone’s truth has equal weight and value. One truth is no better than another.
How has this moral relativism been able defy the gravity of logic and reason and penetrate and infect the minds of so many seemingly intelligent people to the extent that it has and how have they come to accept such total and absolutely loopy, Alice in Wonderland nonsense?
In a previous life I used to talk about what I called “the wacky hall of mirrors”, a reference to the mirror maze of sideshow alley at the annual country shows around Australia where everything was concave and convex and totally bent, twisted and distorted.
It was fun but at least you knew that it was just a sideshow attraction and there was an exit. Not any more. That wacky hall of mirrors is our new reality and there doesn’t seem to be any exit anytime soon.
It is our Hotel California where you can check out but you can never leave.
The corollary of destroying or reworking the basic and fundamental concept of truth is of course that there can be no such thing as a lie. And that, is what this is all about.
If there’s no heaven there can be no hell if there’s no ying there can be no yang and if there’s no truth there can be no lies.
The postmodern truth is simply a burnished, rebranded and rebadged version of someone’s lie. It’s an alternative truth based on alternative “facts”
How does that work in interpersonal relationships or in business or politics?
Back in 2016, the word “post-truth” was nominated as the word of the year by the Oxford dictionary and many people wrestled with this at the time (and still do) and were left wondering, how the hell did we get here?
The Washington Post at the time wrote it up, thus:
“..It’s official: Truth is dead —- The dictionary defines “post-truth” as “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief..”
Got that!!! Emotion, belief and feelings trump facts and figures. Forget the reality of the scoreboard. Forget such insane notions as observable truth. That is just so 1980’s.
If the unvarnished, unalloyed truth, doesn’t fit the prescribed, politically correct narrative, it is now offensive no matter how unvarnished or unalloyed.
The truth is deemed hate speech.
At the risk of sounding Biblical, this is truly Satanic and evil stuff.
Truth is dead? There are many truths?
We are seriously living in very dark times.
A new dark age has descended and it seems that the phrase “you can’t handle the truth” is no longer just a Jack Nicholson throw away line from A Few Good Men.
The early 18th century ushered in the Age of Enlightenment where reason, logic, and observable truth were adopted as the guiding and collective lodestars and civilising forces of society and Western Civilisation. Gone we’re the days of the heretic and burning at the stake of those who disagreed.
No longer do we literally burn people at the stake, we just shut people down and silence and burn them metaphorically. Those that have the temerity to who hold to a heterodox view are demonised as heretics and cast out.
As we have seen with the metaphorical burning at the stake of many on social media, if you’re accused you are automatically guilty.
It’s guilt by allegation.
In a matter of just forty or so years logic, reason and due process have been turned on their collective heads.
It seems that we’re back from whence we came. Back to pre 1715 and are now re-entering “The Endarkenment”.