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Random Note — Transgender attention seeking

This entire transgender, gender fluidity meme is a hoax. It’s another version of Andy Warhol’s idea that everyone seeks out there 15 minutes of “look at me” fame and attention.

But of course everything has been done. No fame in any of that, so what better than to play pretends that you’re a victim of the vicissitudes and randomness of life?

Poor me, look at me. Pay attention to me.


It’s another version of the Rachael Dolezal, story. Dolezal was born white from Swedish and German lineage extending back 300 years but insists she is black. Even her own parents have disowned her fraud.

It’s a mental health issue nothing less. A form of body dysmorphia perhaps.


I agree on one thing and that is to the extent that it exists, it’s inside their heads. That is, it’s a mental health issue and they should seek help instead of trying to make others believe in their fantasy and conform to their snowflake indulgent neurosis, their confusion and anxieties and trying to convince people, as in the case of Dolezal, that white is in fact black.


Gender fluidity attention seeking is no different to that of Rachel Dolezal.
The fact that the political class have bought into the hoax says something about their gullibility and suitability to sit in parliament.