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Notice the way the left operates. They create chaos and then fight against the available options and where they can, deny the tools to do anything about it, creating a circular argument.


For example The Greens and climate catastrophists demand we do something about co2 emissions while simultaneously insisting that harnessing uranium and nuclear energy cannot be part of the energy mix.


At the same time though there is the grotesque and obscene hypocrisy that we as a nation are prepared to mine and sell uranium for others to use but not prepared to use it ourselves.


If we didn’t have double standards we would have no standards.


In a similar example in the US, back in March, Donald Trump spoke about a crisis on the Mexican border and had his ‘Mexican standoff’ with the Democrats over money they refused him to build the border wall.


They and their media lap dogs said it was a manufactured crisis. Now that it can’t be contained they’re saying that there is indeed a crisis on the southern border and that it’s Trumps fault but still refuse him the money to deal with the problem.


As an aside these people and their media enablers are so dumb they’re tweeting out photos of people in chain wire rooms. For effect they call them cages. But they forget to photoshop the images to remove the date stamp which clearly show the photos are from 2014.


A further example is that the facilities are so over loaded that when border control orders up hundreds of extra beds, the left organises a boycott of the bed supplier which results in illegals sleeping on the floor and then their media enablers complain that illegals are sleeping on the floor.