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Whichever way the election goes on November 3, apart from the well chronicled but scarcely acknowledged, international and domestic triumphs of  Donald Trump, here are a few other triumphs worth mentioning and worth remembering:

Achievement number 1 Trump has totally recast and re-energised the Republicans in his own “can do,” MAGA image set them a new course and made them competitive instead of remaining a party of aimless mediocre hacks and half hearted, uninspiring, pusillanimous drones and enervated empty suits.

He OWNS them and they OWE him, for saving them from themselves and demonstrating what’s possible when you believe in something and prosecute your case.. .

Achievement number 2 — Donald Trump has burst the boil and drawn out and exposed to the disinfectant of sunlight, the writhing, maggot infested, suppurating, pus engorged bed sore, that is the lying and thieving corruptocrats and criminal cabal of the now openly socialist Democrat Party. The legacy of gangsters and fraudsters of Obama, Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer et al with their disruptive collusion hoax and phony impeachment  attempts. All along in a casebook study of Freudian projection, it was them who were colluding in 2016 and their own candidate for high office in 2020 who was seeking a quid pro quo on behalf of his own crime syndicate.   .

Achievement number 3 —  Among Donald Trump’s other achievements has been the exposure of the now well documented, attempted and ongoing bloodless coup and the associated criminal activity of corruption and cronyism of the fetid swamp and the deep state operatives of the FBI, CIA, “intelligence” community and State Department.

Achievement number 4 — Trump has been able to flush into the light of day, the once barely concealed but now quite outrageous unhinged bias and far left agendas of the technocrats of Twitter, Facebook and Google in their endeavours to create their own new world “Technocracy” where they’re in charge and decide what you hear and what you read.

Achievement number 5 — In defeating Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump singlehandedly derailed Obama’s third term agenda. By poking the Obama bear and calling out the weird, woke, left wing crazies and in a case of “those the gods wish to destroy they first make mad”, induced a mass nervous breakdown and a never before seen, public state of lunacy, loathing and a seething, psychopathic rage and hysteria, causing them to not only drop their bundle but also drop their mask and reveal their inner totalitarian Marxist.

Achievement number 6 — Most importantly Donald Trump has been able to shine a spotlight on the absolute and total incompetence of the pollsters and expose an outrageously biased mainstream media with it’s 24/7 gaslighting and shock, horror bombshell “head-lies”, peddled by a gaggle of overpaid and obnoxious loud-mouthed television talking heads and abrasive Democrat party pimps, pundits and supposed “analysts” along with the usual suspect newspaper scribes, for the shallow and noisy pond scum they really are. Perhaps they should have listened to the wisdom of Salena Zito  who wrote in 2016, Trump supporters take him seriously but not literally. The press take him literally but not seriously.  

One person, Donald Trump, did all of that and more. By his mere presence in the Oval Office, he sent the left stark raving mad.

On top of all of that and on every measure, Donald Trump created a pre Covid boom economy in just three years, has taken the trade fight up to China, brought Iran to its knees economically, made NATO pay its way and after a generation or two of previous administrations promising but not delivering, pretty much got the Middle East sorted.

ALL without firing a shot and ALL in less that a single term.