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I see the Manly Daily is pumping up Independent for Warringah, James Mathison’s tyres in the Manly Daily again today in the first couple of paragraphs of a double page spread on the Manly Daily’s candidates forum at Dee Why RSL on Thursday night. Obviously Mathison is the Manly Daily’s “celebrity” horse in the race against incumbent Tony Abbott but the thing is, Mathison wasn’t even a feature act as the forum was for major parties only Libs, Labor and the Greens but The Daily sort his commentary and observations as just another Independent anyway. They didn’t seek me or any of the other Indys out.  We (the Indys) in Warringah and Mackellar get our turn in a scaled down forum version next Wednesday.

What stood out for me though was the blatant plagiarism of one of my own campaign lines that I have been using in all my campaign material and in all forums in person, (with Mathieson in the room) and in my printed media and interviews on electronic media. And there have been a hell of a lot.

The line is “Make Makellar Matter, Make Makellar Marginal”. I varied it today in a half page ad (page12) in the Daily with Make Makellar Matter, Make Mackellar Independent. Mathison just inserts Warringah.

We are now in the final week and I can’t wait to hear when he rolls out his Jim Ball inspired zingers like, After 67 years of Liberals, “This Time It’s Time” or “If you vote for more of the same, you’ll get more of the same.