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This transgenders in women’s sport business is good example for those people who think that politics doesn’t affect them and say, “I’m not interested in politics”.

This is pure, street level politics for dummies.

They confuse politics with parliament and boring speeches about marginal tax rates or whatever.

But see the way the left is able to twist this and turn the tables? See how they do this.

They deliberately conflate a legitimate concern about unfair participation by transgenders in girls and women’s sport, as an attack on transgender people generally.

That’s not it at all. This is simply about a concern of transgender people IN women’s sport.

And they continue to get away with it.

They conveniently ignore the fact that it is women’s sport that is the one under attack by the transgender lobby. It’s women’s sport that is the victim. Not the other way around.

What next? A transgender heavy weight boxer? Why not? It’ll happen and it won’t have a happy ending.

It’s like someone trying to gate-crash your party and when you try and stop them, somehow you’re the oppressor and they’re able to adopt the mantle of victimhood.

It’s a neat trick.

An angle that distils, demolishes and expose the fraud that sex and gender are interchangeable is this.

In sport and general physical areas, when men transition into women, they generally, if not always, physically dominate all women but when women transition into men they’re unable to physically dominate all men.

That’s the tell, right there as to how fony it all is.

That simple and single argument exposes once and for all, the entire transgender hoax of transgenders in women’s sport.

Men can’t be women and women can’t be men no matter how much they say, believe and think they are. .

In short, you may want think you’re a woman, you may want to role play a woman and play dress ups, but you will never be a woman.