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Camille Paglia Blames Dems for Destroying Journalism — ‘It Is Going to Take Decades to Recover’

I posted last week on Camille Paglia, a rusted on Democrat and doyen of the arty luvvies of the left. Here’s more as she continues to bag out her own side and the media.

“…Paglia called what she said the Democratic Party had done to journalism “absolutely grotesque” and warned it would take decades to recover. “It’s obscene,” she said. “It’s outrageous, OK? It shows that the Democrats are nothing now but words and fantasy and hallucination and Hollywood. There’s no journalism left. What’s happened to The New York Times? What’s happened to the major networks? It’s an outrage…”

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Random Note #189,393 — Autism in the classroom

Although she might have mangled her message Pauline Hanson has a point with respect to those on the disruptive end of the autism spectrum in the classroom, but again, right on cue, the noisy outrage industry goes into full flight with the usual moral posturing, preening and virtue signalling rather than deal with the points Hanson raised. Their high-minded offence taking, indignation and fury does not constitute an argument or debate

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What Thinking Australians Are Thinking — The Australian

What Thinking Australians Are Thinking — The Australian

“..Phobias are irrational fears. Given the sectarian tensions, cultural friction and constant terrorism that Islam has brought to the West, fearing lslam is completely rational. Thus there is no such thing as Islamophobia. The term is used to shut down debate. Mormonism is subject to criticism yet there is no discussion of Mormonphobia..” Adele Homburg, Elsternwick, Vic

“..Would it be fair to say Allah has so far neither showed greatness nor willingness despite billions of prayers by Muslims. Are there any Muslims prepared to face this fact and ask why? Why do they feel safe only when they land in infidel countries where the idea of Allah and Islam are not very popular? Could it be that atheists are right..” Alex Mulla, Highgate, SA

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Random Note #198,583 — Education funding

Education, like so many other of the “our children and our children’s children” type issues have become an emotional political wedge.
Many particularly, but not exclusively, on the Green/Teachers Union/Left, see everything through the prism of the old social class struggle. Bosses vs workers. Capitalism vs socialism. It’s all about money. To these simple, feeble, minds money will solve all the problems.
In education we know, after decades of bitter experience, for that not to be the case but they continue on undaunted. Just put more money on the table and that will fix the problem/s.
As Oscar Wilde mused in another context, “they know the price of everything but the value of nothing.”

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Random Note #195,431 — Even zero emissions from Australia would mean zero difference in the world temperature.

Charles Mackay in his mid 19th century book, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds could well have been writing about the climate catastrophists and the political class in Australia in 2017.
Hear and see it for yourself from Australia’s Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel in Senate Estimates.
We could totally shut down Australia and our non-participation in the world economy would make no difference to the climate.
Our preening and posturing political class are simply in the business of big noting and prostrating themselves before the UN and strutting their moral vanity on the world stage.

Senator: In Australia, we emit, less than 1.3% of the world emissions.
Chief Scientist Finkel: About that.
Senator: If we reduce the worlds carbon emissions by 1.3%, what impact would that have on the changing climate of the world?
Chief Scientist Finkel: Virtually nothing.

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How pathetically weak are our “leaders”

Every day, it’s more of the same. Another expose of just how pathetically weak and obsequious our bed wetting political and bureaucratic class and department heads are. This should make everyone squirm with embarrassment.
Watch your our blood pressure with this one.

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Random Note #186,652 — Riding A Train

It seems quite apparent that French President Emmanuel Macron, by spring boarding from the socialists to form his own party in just a few short years, has adopted the strategy of Turkish President Erdogan of jumping on the train of the nearest political party or system and riding it to his chosen destination. The same could be said of the Green left and social progressives in Australia, riding a Labor Party locomotive, gutting and filleting it on the way through so that is no longer recognisable as a party of the workers.

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What Thinking Australians Are Thinking

No one knows his way around Canberra better than the former head of treasury, John Stone. On this issue he is 100% correct…

“..In light of your latest Newspoll, David Crowe (“Turnbull turmoil reflected in a wilderness of mirrors”, 19/6) says that “the grave danger for Turnbull and the entire Coalition is that voters have stopped listening”.

Four months ago (Letters, 28/2) I said that what the polls then showed was that “Turnbull is unelectable: people have simply stopped listening to him”.

The Liberal party room now has only one course open to it. Get rid of Malcolm Turnbull, replace him with a leader from the party’s right, and seek to attract back all those disaffected conservatives who, like myself, will never vote Liberal again while this Labor wolf in Liberal clothing leads the party…”
John Stone, Lane Cove, NSW

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The Jihad Of The American Left — American Thinker

The American left is waging a similar ideological war against non-believers of progressivism. Several days ago, J.R. Dunn, on these pages, raised the possibility of Antifa terrorism as an explanation for two recent Bernie Sanders supporters going on shooting sprees in the name of progressivism. I’d like to expand on his idea. While not a formal religion, progressivism is similar to radical Islam in that it is based on beliefs and doctrine, not readily provable in a scientific sense, but instead accepted by faith. Challenging progressive doctrine, being a non-believer, brings scorn, ridicule, violence and even death threats. Doctrines of this progressive religion include man-made global warming, free healthcare and education, taxing the rich, and Trump as an illegitimate president…”

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