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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Random Note — tweaking and tampering democracy

The idea that we shouldn’t tamper, tweak or update the democratic or voting system or the constitution for that matter, because it was developed by some supposedly very wise men 120 years ago and is Jurassic park like, suspended in aspic or fossilised amber, is driven I suspect by emotion and sentiment more than anything else and it’s a hard habit to let go. 

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Random Note — The Compelled Speech And Thought Control Of The Transgender Tyrants

We are now in the very dangerous area where FREE speech has been supplanted by COMPELLED speech. And it’s not just compelled speech though, it’s compelled BELIEF because it’s not only compelling you what to think and therefore say and how to say it, but compelling you what to believe and to believe things you don’t believe and believe things that simply are not true.

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Random Note — China, climate and net zero.

Climate and the pursuit of net zero emissions without first harnessing nuclear to achieve the same result is the pretext for the deliberate, repeat, deliberate, managed decline of the economies of the west. 

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Random Note — Renewables

Renewables simply can’t deliver what they promise. It’s  as simple as that The only guarantee about renewables is that they can only ever be 100% reliably, unreliable. They can only ever be a boutique add on to a base load of coal, gas or nuclear. Do we really have to go there, only to find out we shouldn’t have gone there? 

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Random Note — Cultural Marxism

When we understand that the basic thrust of Marxism is the total destruction of everything that has gone before, Frank Furedi’s column makes so much sense. The short story is, they are coming for the classics. What he describes with example after example, is nothing...

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Mental Floss — Bookmaking

Apart from the names, can anyone tell me or identify the difference between a bookmaker and an insurance company. Both are betting on an outcome of something happening or not happening and frame their odds accordingly. A horse in a race for example has its odds framed...

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Random Note — The Biden, Harris, Clinton three step.

Hillary Clinton was making noises again earlier this week about how she’s not finished with politics. What was she really saying? Let me have a go at deconstructing her kite flying. Keeping in mind Biden’s flailing performance and failing mental acuity and his...

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Random Note — White Privilege

Listening to a podcast last week and again I was subjected to the mindless, clueless, rehearsed talking points and the associated fawning apology for “white privilege”. I say cluelessly because it is quite clear that the white privilege incantation is the end product...

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