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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Random Note — Reparations and the “but for” argument

So now, let’s reverse that scenario and say that “but for” an event happening to you that left you better off, why should you be paid reparations? The reward is that you’ve been left better off because of the event and would have been worse off “but for” the event.

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Random Note — Dams, Nuclear and the Liberal Party

Whether it’s the appalling wrong call over our submarine acquisition and the cost, the diesel technology, the lag time and their obsoletion by the delivery date or our failure to build dams, coal fired power or nuclear stations, the root cause is the same. At some...

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Random Note — Truth. A flexible, fungible commodity 

In 2021, truth has become a fungible commodity based on emotion and personal belief so I find it fascinating how the very same people who don’t believe in truth but rather that, in their postmodern, “post-truth” world, where the concept has become outdated, and where...

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