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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Random Note — Groucho Marx, the virus, the vaccine and the lockdowns….The whole damn thing..

Having crashed the economy once and loading the nation with insurmountable debt, do they intend to continue to crash (what’s left of the economy) every time and whenever there’s another uptick or pocket of virus outbreak? Whichever way they cut it, because of their initial ‘big bang’ shutdown of the economy they have got themselves on the horns of a diabolical dilemma.

They can only stop, start and crash the economy so many times until it stays crashed.

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Random Note — What’s in a word? Equity.

The idea is to encourage and fool people into thinking that it’s simply another word for and interchangeable with and to be subconsciously at least, conflated with, equality. Who could possibly argue with equity after all?

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Random Note — Covid and the camels nose under the tent

The White House is now working with social media about covid and what is disinformation or misinformation and flagging what is to be taken down This is ‘the camel's nose under the tent’. This is nothing less than a road test for other unrelated edicts leading into...

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Random Note — Panic porn of the Climate Cult

It’s one thing to talk about the Australian cricket team as a team of Lenin’s useful idiots for taking a knee but there’s a much more stark example of the useful idiot class and that is the hysterical members of the ‘climate cult’ class.

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Random Note — Transgender and Women’s Sport

They deliberately conflate a legitimate concern about unfair participation by transgenders in girls and women’s sport, as an attack on transgender people generally. It’s women’s sport that is the victim. Not the other way around.

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Random Note — Cloward and Piven Strategy

The Cloward and Piven strategy was simple enough. It was to so overload the American economy with the expansion of the welfare system and open borders immigration, that it would eventually collapse under its own weight.
That is what’s happening right now.

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