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Senator David Leyonhjelm’s headline nails the issue.

“..18C debate highlights the ethnic threat to free speech..”

This is what the debate is all about and prompts the very simple question: Whose side are Labor and the Greens AND some Liberals on?
Yes, I know, your eyes might glaze over and you may well say I’m not interest in 18c, well, you may not be interested in 18C but 18C is interested in you.

“…When Labor, the Greens and certain Liberals in western Sydney seats seek to explain their reasons for opposing changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, they mostly refer to the concerns of ethnic, religious and racial minority groups.

While we occasionally hear half-hearted claims that minorities require special protection from hurt feelings, the main driver of opposition is the political clout of these groups. A dozen or so federal seats are held on margins smaller than the populations of these groups. And in the recent WA state election, certain Muslim leaders openly endorsed the Greens.

The debate over S18C is much greater than free speech. It is in fact a fight for the votes of people who have different values from those of traditional AustraliA. Instead of embracing the values of their adopted country, these ethnic, religious and immigrant representatives want Australia to become more like the countries they left behind.

The fact that leaders of immigrant, ethnic and religious groups are now flexing their political muscle in pursuit of different values is a major concern. Not only does it threaten traditional liberal values, it fuels opposition to immigration among the general community and gives credence to demands to block certain types of immigrants…”    18C debate highlights the ethnic threat to free speech