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What is chillingly revealed in todays Australian, is that Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfus and Labor hold to values that are inimical and alien to any democracy and particularly Australia.
The Shadow Attorney General, is releasing his inner fascist with a deep seated desire to control your thinking and therefore your speech and is no better than some of the worst of the worst that history has thrown up. He deserves to be called out on how he reconciles the fascist ideology of WW2 with what he and Labor are proposing in 2017.
 As a Jew whose own father came from Nazi Germany, Mark Dreyfus should know better than to go down this road. Dreyfus owes Martin Niemoller an apology. “First they came for the ——-”  (fill in the gap) 
This is where divisive identity politics leads as Labor continues to corner the market and the votes of the multi culti, misery, grievance and whinge industries and creates a few others along the way to shore up its dwindling union base.
If it wasn’t already bad enough, these latest, truly wicked and diabolical revelations pretty much write their own script and it can only end badly for Australia. Just when they should be narrowing the scope of 18C, Labor is talking of extending it and worse.
There is absolutely NO place for this extreme restriction on free speech in Australia. The Muslim lobby has been agitating for Islam to be considered a race, thereby gifting Australia with a backdoor blasphemy law and now, on top of that, their will be “18C style” laws where simply, publicly defending traditional marriage would allow for action if some one feels insulted or offended.
The objective nature of these laws is vile and abhorrent as it comes down to an individuals feelings. (ie) “I feel insulted and offended therefore I’m going to sue you”
18C would have to be the only law that you don’t know, in advance, (like the road rules for example) that you’re infringing it as it depends on the mood, the frame of mind or the psychological disposition of the person hearing what it is you’ve said at the time and of course that will vary from deep offence to a mere shrug and from person to person “Section 18C makes it unlawful to do anything that causes people to FEEL offended, insulted, humiliated or intimidated because of their race, colour or national or ethnic background.”
We are now seeing the whites of the eyes of the true fascists who do, literally, want total control of your speech and your thoughts. This development and exploitation of 18c over the last several years is not the Australia any of us grew up in or want anything to do with and if we vote for it, we deserve it.
“..Labor is considering a secret plan to extend the reach of litigation based on section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act to include people claiming they have been ­offended or insulted because of their sexual orientation, disabil­ities or age.
A video, obtained by The Australian, shows Labor legal affairs spokesman Mark Dreyfus last week explaining the proposal, which would lead to the Australian Human Rights Commission and the courts facing a new wave of complaints.
Mr Dreyfus has confirmed that if Labor is elected to government he will be considering imposing a general standard for speech that infringes anti-discrimination law.
Under Labor’s proposal, advocates of same-sex marriage would be empowered, for example, to take legal action under 18C-style laws if they felt offended or ­insulted by those who publicly ­defended the traditional definition of marriage. Those at risk would include priests, rabbis, imams and other religious leaders who publicly oppose same-sex marriage…”