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It must now seem quite apparent, even to the most casual observer. Western Civilisation is under attack.

We are under attack and caught in a pincer from Islamic Jihadists, determined to destroy our democracy from without and we are under attack by cultural Marxists determined to destroy our democracy and culture from within.

Just look at this week. On Monday we learnt about the sneaky attempt at cultural and historical revisionism with the rebadging of the signs on Kokoda, deleting mateship for friendship.
By mid week we had seen another act of Islamic jihad on the streets of London and the plans of the Labor Party with their own brand of cultural jihad domestically.

We know that the actions of the Islamist jihadist as that of an irrational and twisted mind bent out of shape by religion, but how to explain Labor’s Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfus and his sinister and secret plan to extend 18C? Its seems that he is a cultural jihadist with his mind twisted and bent out of shape by the religion of political correctness and identity politics.

What is chillingly revealed in Thursdays Australian is that Mark Dreyfus and Labor hold to values that are inimical and alien to any democracy and as a Jew, whose own father came from Nazi Germany, he should know better than to go down this road. In fact Mark Dreyfus owes Martin Niemoller an apology. “First they came for the ——-” (fill in the gap) Labor’s “secret” plan to extend 18C in pursuit of the mufti culti, misery, grievance and whinge industries and to hound those with “18C style” laws who dare to speak out and defend traditional marriage is diabolically wicked.
We have already seen how this works and where it leads with the precedent of the 2015 Tasmanian case in which activist Martine Delaney complained that a Catholic Church document, Don’t Mess With Marriage, a sober defence of traditional marriage, breached state law by humiliating gay people.
If that wasn’t bad enough, the snarling, salivating pitbulls of the inquisitorial bureaucracy found that the church had a case to answer. In that instance the complaint was withdrawn but buttressed by a turbo charged 18C as suggested by Dreyfus it will end very differently in the future.