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After Reading the Australian editorial this morning and Tim Wilsons online opinion piece on Friday I was reminded of Graham Richardson’s contention, and he’s probably right, that the mob aren’t talking about 18c over a beer at the local or over the back fence and it’s not the bar b cue stopper political junkies think it is.
In other words it’s not a stretch to assume that most people, are simply clueless about 18c and totally unaware that such a law even exists.

Following that logical sequence then, that to most people the law doesn’t even exist, we would expect there to be people in their total ignorance of the strictures of 18c, feeling quite comfortable hurling all manner of abuse.

But they’re not.

The question for the sneering elite speech and thought Nazis, who believe that the law shouldn’t be tweaked, tinkered or god forbid totally repealed is, where are these thousands of bogan Australians hurling vilification and racist epithets that make this law so necessary? If they don’t know the law exists and they are of such a mind, they’re going to do it anyway, aren’t they?

It’s quite apparent that we have a law that exists to deal with a problem that doesn’t exist.