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Random Note #275341

As Rowan Dean incisively points out in his Courier Mail piece at the link below, the entire original commentary that triggered the 18c/QUT/HRC case was meant as a sardonic, laconic, joke. A pisstake to highlight the irony and blinding absurdity of having an indigenous only computer lab in an age of non discrimination, non segregation and inclusion.

But what it has highlighted instead is that some people are just so stupid, so thick, and so devoid of humour and an understanding of irony that they shouldn’t be employed in a position to have their hands on the levers of authority. People like Cindy Prior at QUT and others like Gillian Triggs and Tim Soutphomasane of the HRC. These people have had a humour bypass and are so up themselves, so self absorbed and purse lipped and take themselves so seriously that there is no room in their tiny minds or don’t understand either humour or irony and because they don’t get the joke they are offended.
This episode also highlights more generally,  if ever there were any doubt, just how humourless the adherents of political correctness are and leaves of the rest of us to wonder about the fragile nature of their mental stability.

Sanity prevails in QUT computer lab racial discrimination case and shows democracy has a sense of humour