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The question for ABC Managing Director, Michelle Guthrie in her attempt at make-work window dressing, rearranging of deck chairs and her quest to “tear down the traditional silos of television and radio to bring the broadcaster closer to the audience” The Australian — Stress feared as ABC tears down silos is how this will address and root out the fetid and entrenched left wing bias at the heart of the organisation?

No matter how tangential or obtuse, every program in some way manages to weave in strands of the many and varied elements of those issues of concern to the inner city green left. Everything from climate change to same sex marriage to refugees to Trump demonization and vilification, homophobia, Islamophobia etc. The list writes itself.

The most glaring and egregious example of this corruption and bias by omission was there for all to read in the John Elferink comment piece just a few pages on, in Wednesday’s Australian Four Corners stopped truth from ruining it’s ripping yarn  At the top of the do list for whomever ends up leading the Liberal Party must be a badly needed Royal Commission into the ABC. This time though they will be the subject of the Royal Commission rather than the instigator.