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Why am I not surprised.

This should confirm in the minds of any doubters as to the group-think at work in the obscure and not so obscure crevices of the ABC. If there is a scintilla of justice and a skerrick of decency at the national broadcaster, this employee will be an ex-employee before the day is out.

Perhaps, possibly, hopefully. maybe but probably not.

“…An ABC staff member has applauded the alleged assault on former Prime Minister Tony Abbott by a same-sex activist.

An email from ABC employee Jonathon Lee to the ABC news division said it was “good” that Mr Abbott had been headbutted, in a move the Warringah MP said was a symptom of an “ugly and partisan mindset” at the public broadcaster.

The email was responding to a breaking-news alert from ABC News 24’s producer and presenter Jason Om that Mr Abbott had been attacked in Hobart…”   ABC newsroom staffer emails ‘good’ in response to Tony Abbott’s alleged assault