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Anyone who seeks advice from Hizbut Tahir (as Yassmin Abdel Magied did after the Q&A knockdown drag out with Jacquie Lambie) is unfit to work on the ABC. But the ABC is totally un-phased and is neither going to condemn, sack or suspend her for her offensive Anzac Day post. Anyone else would be sacked or suspended immediately for tarnishing and trashing the reputation of the employer. Apparently, there’s no mention of the story on any of the ABC sites.

A typical and classic case of ABC, bias by omission. It didn’t happen. Disappeared down Orwell’s 1984 memory hole.

Meanwhile journalist Scott McIntyre got the flick from SBS for his ANZAC Day comments in 2015.
It therefore begs the question, is Yassmin Abdel-Magied a protected species?
Of course. She ticks all the PC ABC boxes. An exotic person of colour, a muslim and a woman.
It’s a hat trick. The perfect multi culti storm.