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Here’s an idea for the 4 Corners crowd and Caro Meldrum-Hanna.
How about a 4 Corners expose on the entrenched bias inside the ABC?


Now there’s a project to get your teeth into.
There’s just so much material to work with, starting with the metastasizing influence of Alan Ashbolt in the early 1960’s through to the present day and an explanation as to how this has all come about.
They’ve done such a brilliant hatchet job with their time honoured tactic of bias by omission on the likes of the Don Dale detention centre in Darwin, on live cattle exports and of course One Nation and Pauline Hanson over the years by ignoring material that didn’t fit with their predetermined outcome or agenda.


The only condition would be that although the program would be commissioned by 4 Corners and the ABC and the ABC would cooperate in making research material available, it would essentially be produced by an independent production house using well regarded people from across the media as contributors, producers and most particularly editors.
The areas covered would be wide ranging and open slather on things like why the ABC has a position at all, either way, on a range of political issues like climate, gay marriage, refugees etc and who determines that position, the selection of talking heads on programs, the background of their expert opinion guests and why the ABC does not have as much as one right of centre presenter on any of its regular week day programs.

Who knows where it may lead and the Prime Minister might unilaterally declare the following morning as he did with the Don  Dale Detention centre, after the program goes to air, that he is calling for a Royal Commission.