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Almost on cue and running parallel with the series of letters in The Australian on the ABC on Friday 21/9,the ABC’s very cosy and inclusive panel on The Drum on Thursday night, were discussing, of all things, in this age of post truth, the topic of trust in media.

The ABC’s idea of diversity and the resulting and anticipated group think can be gleaned from the fact that the panel, apart from the anchor, Julia Baird, was another ABC presenter, Brooke Boney of JJJ, a renewables advocate, Simon Holmes a Court and Dr Sacha Molitorisz, a professor of amongst other things, media, at UTS.

Molitorisz demonstrated the joined at the hip, cloistered priesthood and bubble of academe and the ABC when he cited qualitative research he had commissioned that unequivocally (and unbelievably) indicated that when it came to trust in media, the ABC was the sine qua non and head and shoulders above the rest.

So much for qualitative research. This is the echo chamber of the ABC writ large and combined with its bogus claims by its Canberra political correspondent, Andrew Probyn of collusion between Murdoch and Stokes to get rid of Turnbull is yet another example as to why in the interests of fairness, balance and taxpayer largess, and while there’s a mood for Royal Commission’s the ABC should be the next cab off the rank.