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Like many others, I too used to think that selling off the ABC was a good idea, the only idea, but perhaps we should be careful what we wish for because in this globalised world of free, unfettered and open markets where everything is on the block to the highest bidder, prospective purchasers could include the left of centre zillionaire types like Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Washington Post fame and George Soros through to China or perhaps even the union affiliated super fund at the other end of the spectrum and after the one hundred year lease of the strategically positioned Darwin Port, nothing should surprise.

Rather than selling the ABC, an administrator should be appointed for two, three or five years or as long as it takes to rein it in, bring it under control and close down or merge various aspects and sort out the embedded bias and groupthink ingrained in the organisation. A new board and a revised charter with teeth could then be established.

An example of a total indulgence at the ABC is the very existence of the JJJ network.
It had a purpose when it was first launched and designed to appeal to the 18-34 demographic. But that was in 1975 in the pre FM years. Now in 2018, commercial FM stations are numerous and one of the struggling commercial outfits would jump on the edgy JJJ format so that demographic market would continue to be served.

As things stand, the ABC see itself as an untouchable, protected species and with the internal vested interests being as strong as they are, none of what needs to be done, can or will be done without the appointment of an external administrator answerable to the minister.