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It really takes a special degree of boneheaded ignorance and stupidity to be so ill informed as to basic Australian history.
How is it at all possible for someone to be so ill informed as to historical facts on the ground to even get near a seat at the table and be on a Prime Ministers Advisory Council?

It takes an unhinged, batty and deranged ignorance to be so off base with the facts and we can only begin to imagine the kind of advice or alternative facts that was being dispensed.

How in the hell is it at all possible to have any kind of discussion or debate about Australian history when the mindset of some of those who want to rewrite and airbrush it, haven’t a clue about the chronology of people, places and events in the first place?

This is one example of such ignorance by high profile, supposedly educated people at the link below.
Exhibit A:

“..Josephine Cashman, former member of the Prime Minister’s indigenous advisory council, told the ABC she didn’t like Australia Day because “26 January signifies when Cook came to Australia and landed on a beach in Mosman called Cobbler’s Beach”.

(For the record, as most people with an IQ approximating room temperature would know, Cook didn’t arrive on January 26 but 18 years earlier on April 29 and he didn’t land on a beach in Mosman, but more than 25 kilometres south at Kurnell in Botany Bay. This is as basic as it gets)  Statue Haters Can’t Handle Truth of Australia’s Past