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Random Note #178,531
Have you ever noticed how stand up “comedians” tend to be of the left and use their ability (with a few exceptions, I wouldn’t use the word talent) to ridicule conservatives and conservative values?
It’s no accident.
I just spent the afternoon again thumbing through and going over my already well thumbed copy of Saul Alinsky’s book from the late 60’s “Rules for Radicals looking for clues and confirmation of my thinking. At less than 200 hundred pages it’s worth the effort.
Rules for Radicals is the hand book of the modern day left. Tactics deployed most recently against Donald Trump for example are from the Alinsky playbook. Both Obama (as a community organiser, just like Alinsky) and Hillary Clinton (who was very close to Alinsky before he died, writing her thesis on him for her final year at Wellesley College and was privelaged by Alinsky to read the manuscript before publishing,) were both Alinsky acolytes.
Alinsky’s rule number 5 is that “..Ridicule and satire are man’s most potent weapon. It’s impossible to counterattack ridicule and satire. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage..”
Just how does Donald Trump respond to Alec Baldwin on SNL.  How does Pauline Hanson respond to the mincing queen piss-take by Pauline Pantsdown.
They can’t.
This brings me to Bill Leak and it seems to me that what’s becoming more and more apparent is that what the left, like Gillian Triggs and Tim Soutphomasane of The HRC and the behaviour exhibited by the panel and the audience on Q&A this week point to, and is driving them insane, is that Leak had the ability to turn Alinsky’s rule number 5 back on the left, which is not the way it’s meant to be.
As Alinsky observed “it’s impossible to counter attack” —- Even for the left which is why they respond with their hissing and spitting. Their viscous and savage hatred, venom, and bile like some latter day Hitler jackbooted Brown Shirts.
In the column below from Quadrant online this sentence in relation to Bill Leak’s final cartoon, is a particular stand out and laser accurate.
“..The cartoon (about NSW education Minister Rob Stokes) said it all. One thing which I took away from this last cartoon was how ineffectual politicians, from even the conservative side of politics, were in mounting any sustained defence of Western liberal democratic values..”
The lesson I think is that conservatives have got to muscle up, be defiant shove it in the face of the left and mercilessly use ridicule, humiliation, satire and humour at every opportunity to cut them down and expose just how shallow and empty they really are.
Just like Bill Leak.
The perfect example of a leftie, Warner Brothers cartoon, exploding cigar, or a Road Runner falling anvil, is the current dilemma confronting the hapless and hopeless Premier of SA who can’t even keep the lights on and is now off on a frolic with the Durocell bunny talking about building the world largest battery which will power the state for all of five minutes.
You can’t make this stuff up.
The left hate it when there’s an iconoclastic attack on their sacred cows and shibboleths which is a damn good reason to keep going and provoking, annoying and needling at every opportunity.
The column below by Christopher Carr is short and worthy of a read.
“… I have the last cartoon which Bill ever did on my table. In it, the beheaded Rob Stokes, the hapless New South Wales Minister for Education, says: “Oh, y’know- boys will be boys”. As has been said, a picture tells a thousand words. Yes, we could go on and on about how bad things are.
The cartoon said it all. One thing which I took away from this last cartoon was how ineffectual politicians, from even the conservative side of politics, were in mounting any sustained defence of Western liberal democratic values.
The leadership in our defence has had to come from the likes of Bill Leak. This makes his loss so hard to bear.
Many words have been written on Bill and that notorious 18c, and that fatwa on him by Muslim fanatics. Why should a cartoonist face persecution from the Human Rights Commission and death threats from jihadists?
Bill might have a “mere” cartoonist. But he represented a deadly threat to the Left establishment and Islamists alike. The powers-that-be can survive hatred but not humour and ridicule. No wonder, Professor Gillian Triggs, Tim Soutphommasane and the Islamist death squads were in an unholy alliance to make Bill shut up, each of those enemies acting according to their preferred methods. The one difference between the Left establishment and Islamists was the degree of punishment to be inflicted…” Lets Raise An Army of Leaks