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Richard Di Natalie, with his  perennial call for moving Australia Day, citing the equally perennial and tedious meme of dispossession, theft, “ongoing genocide” and “slaughter” is once again proving and reinforcing the point made by Chris Kenny in his column in the Weekend Australian, 6/1 (Gesture politics blocks the nations path to progress.

There is not one aboriginal person alive today that has been dispossessed of anything. Not a single one. In fact they have been the beneficiaries of taxpayer largesse to the extent of the Closing the Gap program with a budget of $33.4 billion a year.

There is still a long way to go but the generosity and intent is the exact opposite of the image that Di Natalie is trying to convey.

The Greens with their cynical, shallow, manipulation of minorities combined with their phony virtue signalling are as predictable as ever around Australia Day with Di Natalie more particularly concerned with shoring up his flaky leadership.

As a party the results of their whims and gestures within the matrix of identity politics are unimportant with their primary concern more about being seen to be doing good rather than actually doing or achieving anything concrete or beneficial for indigenous Australians in regional and remote areas.

To The Greens it’s all about image, about striking a pose and strutting their conceit and smug moral narcissism in an endeavour to seek relevance with their base.