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Tese people just can’t help themselves when it comes to Olympic gold in double standards and hypocrisy so it’s interesting but not surprising that high profile writers, academics and activists and the suspects in the Muslim community really don’t have a grasp and have great difficulty with this freedom of speech, freedom of association concept.
It’s all one way traffic.
They have no problem with and never express their same disappointment when it comes to all manner of vile Islamist radicals visiting Australia to promote their extreme toxic sludge ideas. Vile and abhorrent radicals like Hamza Tzortzis, who condones child rape and has said publicly that anyone who fights against Muslims should be beheaded, was one of 12 international speakers — all of them men — at the United Muslims of Australia Quest for Success conference in May last year.
 Australian speakers at that event included Zachariah ­Matthews, who has called for elements of sharia law to be introduced into Australia’s legal system, and Sheikh Abu Hamza, who has argued that it is OK to hit your wife — just not too hard.
 By the way it’s worth noting that it was Matthews wife who accused a police officer of trying to remove her veil when he pulled her over. Unfortunately (for her) the 9 minute in-car video proved her to be the liar she was.

 With that background I find it interesting that it’s Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her soft spoken tones that really has these activists, writers academics, and self appointed public intellectuals and thinkers rattled.

“…..The group, which includes a number of high-profile writers, academics and activists, have expressed “disappointment” over Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s invitation to speak in Australia as part of a tour organised by event group Think Inc.
 In an online petition, titled “Ayaan Hirsi Ali does not speak for us,” the group stated that ,”Hirsi Ali’s sheer presence in Australia undermines both intra and inter-community efforts toward social cohesion and in providing platforms for Muslim women to champion their own causes….”