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Most of us have never lived under or experienced communism, or so we think. But in fact we have and we are, but just don’t realise it, like 24 million boiling frogs, until you read about the tentacle like reach and the scope of 18c to impact someone, a cartoonist, for his thought crimes.
And it’s the prism of “thought crime” and what that means, that this entire Orwellian episode must be viewed and understood.
Jennifer Oriel fleshes the entire thing out in the Oz…

“…Section 18C is an act of violence against those who tell the truth. It is, as the slow torture of Bill Leak revealed, a totalitarian tool fashioned by bullies determined to punish creative geniuses who refuse to toe the PC party line. Since the PC class cannot compete with creative genius on merit, it seeks to destroy it…”

 “…On Friday, March 10, 2017, Australian painter, cartoonist and avant-garde freethinker Bill Leak died of a suspected heart attack. He was 61 years old.

 In the two years before his death, jihadists and the political establishment inflicted horrific stress on him because he refused to surrender his creative genius and free mind to the colourless, artless overlords of political correctness.

In 2015, Leak was forced to flee into a safe house with his family after jihadists threatened to kill him. His thought crime was drawing a cartoon of Mohammed in the wake of militant Islamists slaughtering cartoonists at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris.
In 2016, Leak was accused under the PC censors’ favourite weapon, section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, for offending someone somewhere.
Members of a state-protected minority chose to take offence at a cartoon.
It was offensive to those offended by the truth that some men are alcoholics, some alcoholics neglect their children and some ­alcoholic men who neglect their children are indigenous.
PC enforcers are the children of our revolution. They are made in the image of our father, Mao Zedong, who said:
“What should be our policy towards non-Marxist ideas? As far as counter-revolutionaries and saboteurs of the socialist cause are concerned, the matter is easy. We simply deprive them of their freedom of speech.” (Blessed be the PC!)
People may ask, since political correctness is now the guiding ideology of the political class as well as the activist media, education and judiciary, how can there be diversity of opinion?
We say to them in the name of our father Mao: “All reactionaries will be given a chance to earn their living, provided they show repentance.”
Bill Leak did not repent. He held truth above spin, free thought above correct thought and beauty before duty to the PC party line.
He was a thoroughly unreconstructed artist; he said freedom meant freedom to think and speak and create. He was born male and white! (Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!)
Like all deplorable counter-revolutionaries, Leak was wrong by being right. As comrades of the Frankenstein Inquiry to cow the free press taught, democracy, freedom and truth are relative. They are relative to correct thought in the image of Marx, Mao and Marcuse. (Blessed be the PC trinity!)
Today comrades, we celebrate a dead genius — not his genius, but its death.
We cheered the fatwa against him, media-mobbed him, ­sectioned him under 18C and hung him in the public square as an ­example to others who might be tempted by a life of free speech (Hang! Hang! Hang!)
The campaign of PC bigotry that made his final years so stressful could not have been achieved without comrade Million Fibs and the New Man Rights Commission. (Million Fibs! Million Fibs! Million Fibs!)
We could have not succeeded without the timely intervention of Two-Faced Discrimination Commissioner who recruited false accusers by spinning the falsity that 18C protects equality from bigotry when the reverse is true. Pure doublespeak!
Our trial will find Bill Leak guilty of thought crime. We knew it well before he did. Where free thought reigns, we cannot. Where truth is held on high, we are held down low.
Cast in the long light of genius, we are but a shadow of hollow men — here one day, forgotten the next.
So comrades, our cause is clear: to be as a creeping weed, strangling the flower of freedom forever.