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A list of ungrateful rabble and scum. All 173 of them. And all junior woodchucks and Gramsci wannabes who don’t know what they don’t know. Project Australia is wasted on the lot of them. Pearls before swine as the saying goes.

Note signatory number 170. And somehow this weasel Oakeschott was a member for a National Party seat in NSW? How the hell did that happen and continues to happen?
He screwed Australia over for the interminable 3 years of the Gillard Government.

When it comes to naivety, gullibility and just plain stupidity the National Party are in a class of their own with their dumb preselection’s for the likes of Oakeschott and in the NSW state parliament with the other National Party interloper, Adrian Piccoli, Minister for Education. A list of the media’s enemies of free speech