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I suspect the agenda of the left and their likeminded proponents and fellow travellers is to deliberately try and goad, incite and stimulate hate speech so that when the plebiscite fails they can point to their own hate inspired vitriolic campaign as the reason. This is the way the hard left cultural Marxists operate. It’s their typical modus operandi. My suggestion is that you don’t tumble into trap.

“..Labor and the rest of the Left are now screaming that the public is too vicious to be trusted with the Turnbull Government’s planned plebiscite — a public vote — to decide whether to legalise same-sex marriage. They claim defenders of traditional marriage will be so abusive that gays will kill themselves in despair, so we must leave it to politicians to bring in gay marriage without any public debate.

Leave aside the recklessness of Shorten suggesting to the vulnerable that suicide is not just an option but understandable.

Leave aside this moral blackmail to shut down a serious debate over a critical tradition meant to keep families together.

Leave aside Labor’s selective concern about people possibly dying, when it contemptuously ignored warnings in 2008 of the lethal consequences of it scrapping our border laws — and lured 1200 boat people to their deaths.

Let’s look instead at the record. Who exactly is doing the worst of this “hate speech”?

These are people who consider opponents of same-sex marriage so vile that they must be not answered but shouted down. Even silenced.

Already we’ve seen this totalitarian streak made clear. Greens candidate Martine Delaney dragged the Catholic Archbishop of Hobart to the Tasmanian anti-discrimination commission for politely arguing against same-sex marriage in a pamphlet. The commission even ordered the archbishop and his bishops to defend their opinions until Delaney dropped her complaint…”  READ ON…..