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Just two minutes and you will be alarmed at how the likes of the ABC and make-work, unhinged academics try to justify their own existence with their obsession over racism and are looking for it everywhere, even where it doesn’t exist. And if they can’t find it, set about conjuring and creating it with more self serving research .

This is from the ABC RN Life Matters program last Friday How do we talk to children about racism, where they devoted an entire 30 minutes or so of the program to racism in children. The first two minutes is all you need to listen to.

What you’ll learn in that 2 minutes is:

1. That children as young as two, three, and four notice cultural and ethnic differences and internalise their bias.

2. Similar aged children kids were monitored over their selection of dog colour (can you believe it) and somehow this is a pointer to unconscious bias and latent racism.

Of course what the academic didn’t say, and the interviewer didn’t bother to ask, was how this experiment played out and squared with kids of other colours and cultures. Perhaps that would have been an inconvenient question.

This is what passes for so much research these days, GIGO. Garbage In, Garbage Out