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This is a good read if for no other reason than because it is so true. I think most people, looking through the rear vision of life at where we’ve come from and where we are, (and where we’re headed) can understand and relate to the point being made.
Take for example points 8 and 9
8. Adults act and dress like adults. AAs (Aging Adolescents) dress like kids or thugs, wear odd clothing, sport odd hair styles or colors and tattoos and piercings. And they wonder why others don’t treat them as adults.
9. Adults can listen to opposing viewpoints from people with different worldviews or cultures without becoming offended, hurtling insults, or calling names. AAs need a safe space, and name calling is their default responses.
“….The Peter Pan Syndrome — males who remain boys all their lives — has long been with us. But now what I call “Aging Adolescents” (AAs) include as many females as males, and may be a majority in the younger generations. And they are raising, if one dares use that word, children who will replicate themselves as lifelong children. This threatens the economic, fiscal, and political well-being of our society and culture. Children are unable to lead, function in, or defend a society.
I consulted with a couple of friends and thought it might help if I put down what we believe an adult is. Perhaps not, but it can’t hurt….”  To Be An Adult