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As I wrote in a post last week, the sooner AGW is framed and viewed through the prism of religious belief the better..

“….The receding belief in God, specifically the Christian god, has led to the fall of biblically-bound priests and the corresponding rise of unconstrained and, as it turns out, overly-imaginative and publicity-seeking scientists. God is a superstition. The new godhead is pseudo-scientific speculations about the universe. These are lapped up by audiences starved of spirituality. This is not to say that God exists (though I personally have faith He does). It is to say that nature abhors a vacuum and that absent God all kinds of funny ideas fill the void.

Believe any of it and you will believe anything. But people do. Welcome to godless credulity; to the age of science fiction made real. It has a prosaic side to it too. Global warming (GW) is the example, par excellence.

The symptoms of a belief in GW are everywhere to be seen as the worship of wind and sun totems. These, for some, fill the yawning gap, which belief in God might have previously occupied. People from every land and their governments have not only embraced a tenuous scientific theory that burning fossil fuels will bring catastrophe to the human race but, bizarrely, and against all reason, that it is possible to replace fossil fuels with wind and solar farms and, at the same time, preserve the prosperity that fossil fuels have brought to large swathes of humanity since the industrial revolution.

Something is going on to make otherwise sane and sensible people believe this kind of thing. And, again, my thesis is that ‘science’, in the case of GW allied with rent-seeking opportunists, is stuffing the empty space in people’s heads, occupied previously by religion, with unadulterated hooey….”  The Age of Godless Credulity