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A superb piece of writing. And you can’t help but believe that there are those out there that would applaud every single word.

“….As an Australian politician I know what is best for you little people, be it blackouts, green tape and red tape, or schools that teach what to think, not how to think. I’ve been working hard to make all that and worse the norm and now, sooner than I ever dared hope, victory is at hand

I am an Australian politician. It does not matter to which party I belong because I am a ‘nowhere man’, like all the other members of my bipartisan swarm. We do not need to communicate with each other because we know what needs to be done. We are globalists, open-border internationalists, eager totalitarians, politically correct scolds and activists, propagandists posing as journalists and educators who pointedly do not educate. We are those who believe in doing the right thing for the planet, rather than selfishly for Australia, and we do very niceely out of it, too, because a superior sort of person always deserves the reward of other people’s money in large amounts.

It has been a long battle, but we have almost won the war to de-industrialise, to undermine the society that built this country. We have an agenda and we have taken it too far for anyone to stop it, so embrace the new nation we have re-shaped for you, whether you like it or not. As a globalist ‘Australian’ I am proud of what we have done, so let me do a little boasting. Hear me out and you will understand not only the internationalist future we have planned but also that further resistance is futile.

In 1992, Maurice Strong openly announced our plans when he called for the destruction of capitalism and announced that it was our duty to bring about its collapse. We heard his call and set about assembling the means to achieve this aim. We knew that it had to be done secretly, but in plain sight, so we infiltrated the UN, the universities, the NGOs, mainstream communications and the right-of-centre political parties. The weapons we created were the demonization of energy (hydrocarbon fuels), nuclear power, hydro (by amusingly claiming they stopped the rivers from ‘running free’) and the promotion of alternative, expensive fake power sources in the form of some seriously outrageous ideas that we marketed as ‘clean energy’.

With overwhelming support from many sources we frightened governments into complying with our agenda. Those who didn’t, we targeted for marginalisation and destruction with our lies and distortions. Even I am surprised how easy it was to convince people to part with their money to build unreliable wind farms, solar powered shadow grids (that are so useless their output is reduced by up to 80% by just a layer of dust – and we build them in dusty deserts!).

I loathe Australia, always have, and can hardly wait for the reward of a superbly paid position at the United Nations in New York. So don’t forget to vote for me, though it matters little if you do not.

We are so close to winning it’s all over bar the tears. We took Australia away from you and you didn’t even notice.

How smart are we! How complacent are you!