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The rich vibrant and colourful tapestry of multiculturalism…As recently as the last few weeks, the Swedish authorities have been lying about this.
“..The president of Sweden’s ambulance union has called for enhanced security for his personnel when working in so-called “no-go zones,” saying first responders need “special” military-grade equipment to withstand the dangers of the primarily migrant-populated areas.
Despite “dangerous situations” being nothing of extraordinary for ambulance workers, there are now areas in Sweden where even they “don’t want to be in,” head of the Swedish Ambulance Association ALARM, Gordon Grattidge told Swedish DGS TV.
“It’s too dangerous to enter” areas in Sweden where “majority of the people are immigrants,” Grattidge said in an interview with a Swedish journalist, published earlier this week.
Citing his association workers’ “own experience,” as well as “reports from other parties,” the ambulance union chief said the escalation of violence in such areas “definitely” poses a growing threat to medical staff…”  ‘They attack cars & personnel’: Swedish ambulance boss calls for protection in migrant ‘no go zones’