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Have your mind opened right up by the proponents of extreme queer ideology and their intentions via Safe Schools.
Professor Gary Dowsett   is quite open about his intention to promote and legalise paedophilia and the more you read about this stuff, the agenda of Safe Schools comes more into fine focus, yet state governments are right in on the fraud that is Safe Schools.
Professor Gary Dowsett —- “..The current paedophilia debate then is crucial to the political processes of the gay movement: paedophiles need our support, and we need to construct the child/adult sex issue on our terms…”
Scroll further down  to get to Roz Ward — Roz Ward is the Coordinator of ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ in Victoria, and is one of the primary architects of the program. She is an open communist, a long-time member of Socialist Alternative, and is heavily involved in the education unions.
I find it Interesting that we are told (and I always thought) that you are either born gay or you’re not, so why would their be a need to ‘teach’ someone how to be gay?
This is Roz Ward the the founder of Safe Schools at the 2013 Marxism Conference where she said:
“I not only teach people how to be gay, I teach them how to be gay and communist, so invite me to your school if you will.”