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There’s nothing new under the sun.  There’s been a lot said and written about “fake news” in recent weeks since the US election, but of course it is not a new phenomenon. Fake news has been around forever and  is simply repackaged and rebranded what has always been known as propaganda. Climate change and environmentalism more broadly have mastered the art but not so much to avoid the acute observer.

I found this graphic example from the Daily Telegraph which illustrates the point,  when trawling through some old posts from 2011…

“……Eight million viewers were led to believe the scene had been captured by BBC cameramen inside an underground cave in the brutal sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic wilderness.

But the footage, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, and interspersed with real shots of the Arctic, was in fact filmed in a den made of plaster and wood in a wildlife enclosure.

The truth behind the fakery is only revealed in a hard-to-find video among 14 other clips accompanying the Winter episode of the series on the BBC website….” BBC’s big white lie over the birth of polar bear in popular documentary Frozen Planet