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Seriously worth a watch. Bill O’Reilly back on Fox for a one off interview with Sean Hannity.Together they traverse much the same ground and range of issues that are going on here in Australia, particularly identity politics along with the grievance mongering and associated industry and the way the hard left in an endeavour to derail the country, are trying to rewrite, whitewash and photo shop history and shut down any opinion they disagree with.
 “….Bill O’Reilly blasted left-wing groups for trying to “wipe out speech” they disagree with.
Sean Hannity said the media has become corrupt and “bitterly ideological.”
O’Reilly agreed that progressive groups like Media Matters track and threaten independent voices in the media who do not conform to progressive orthodoxy or talking points.
These people want to wipe out any speech with which they disagree,” O’Reilly said.
Hannity said Media Matters, which was founded by left-wing political operative David Brock, threatened him and O’Reilly over their planned interview….”